Advantages of Professional Garage Floor Installation and Maintenance

March 29th, 2024 in Flooring
Advantages of Professional Garage Floor Installation and Maintenance

If you are planning to renovate or remodel your garage, you may be debating between working with a professional or doing it yourself. While a DIY attitude is great for certain projects, garage flooring, and maintenance are best left up to the experts for a few specific reasons.

Access to Higher-Quality Flooring Material

Finding high-quality flooring materials such as Polyaspartic is not easy, and the prices at retail stores are often much higher than a professional contractor pays.

Professionals have a network of distributors, suppliers, and fabricators, giving them access to a much wider catalog of flooring options for your garage space.

Customization Options

Customizing your garage flooring to meet space constraints or creating storage cabinets to fit into small nooks and crannies takes a certain level of know-how. These customizations are challenging for first-time installers to meet and can lead to faults or cracks in the flooring.

Working with a professional flooring installer ensures everything is done as you picture. From material to sizing, to design, professionals can customize everything to your exact specifications.

Stress-Free and Hands-Off Process

DIY projects often seem like a fun and easy undertaking during the planning phase, but any unexpected problem can quickly lead to stress and anxiety. Professional installers have a deeper understanding of flooring and can address any specific problems related to your setup or installation. 

Beyond that, they are there to answer questions at any point and ensure your garage flooring looks exactly how you pictured it. 

In our eyes, the advantages of professional installation far outweigh the potential cost-saving opportunities of DIY installation.

Park Place Garage has a super-experienced team that supplies and installs garage interiors throughout the Okanagan from Kamloops to Osoyoos. From powder-coated steel cabinets to custom floors, we’ll make your garage just the way you like it, handsome and practical.

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