Can My Garage Have a Hoist?

by admin August 26th, 2019 in Car Hoists

A garage can be a great place to get a lot done, and be more than just a storage and junk collector. A well organized garage is valuable square footage. One item that can really transform a garage and help make the most of your space is a home garage lift. Before getting a garage hoist, there are some considerations, and most important among these, is whether you have the ceiling height for it or not.

If you are trying to convert your home’s garage to an automotive workplace, you need to consider the height of the ceiling before buying a hoist. In most cases, a 12 foot minimum amount of clearance is required for a two-post lift. If you are considering going for a four-post storage lift, you will need even higher clearance then this.

There are some factors to consider on ceiling height of course. There can be a big variance in the vehicle you may be lifting. If you plan on working on a small car, a lower height would suffice. If you plan on lifting up a big full sized truck, you will obviously need more garage height. Even your height can make some difference, as a 5 foot person can get away with less clearance than someone who is 7 feet tall.

It is also important to consider other factors like width and space in your garage as well. A narrow tandem garage may not have the width to support a lift. At a minimum 11 feet of width is needed to allow for a lift, but you will want more than this to allow some space to move around the sides. Keep in mind that your metal storage cabinets and workbenches may take up space as well.

A well planned out and organized garage can be a productive, enjoyable space. If you have been thinking about investing in a home garage lift, then contact Park Place Garage today.