Organization and Re-design

You can reclaim your garage space, by installing well thought and designed garage organization options.

From Slat Wall aluminum hanger systems, to forged overhead racks, there are options to help you get your garage floor space back to what you want to use it for – instead of using it for storage. You can almost double your garage storage space!

For instance:

We wrote the articles in this section to give you ideas, help you evaluate your options - and finally regain control of your garage.

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5 Must-Haves for a High-End Garage Renovation
Must-Haves for a High-End Garage Renovation, do not skip number 4! If you are considering a luxury garage renovation, read this helpful blog.
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Keeping Garden Tools Away From Your Vehicle in the Garage
You’ll want to keep your dirty garden tools away from your car in a garage. So, how do you organize them? Here are our suggestions.
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What Is a Slatwall System

What Is a Slatwall System? 

by admin September 29th, 2021 in Organization and Re-design
Slatwall, also known as slotwall, is a system for organization. Slatwall are sheets that come in the same sizes as plywood, but can be cut down to any size. There are grooves which you run horizontally, and within those grooves you can hang different
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