Garage Organization Systems to Make the Most of Your Floor Space

by admin December 23rd, 2018 in Organization and Re-design

Nobody likes a messy garage. Your garage is an extension of your home. It is valuable square footage that should not only be utilized, but also given respect by being clean and organized. One of the primary ways to remain organized is to make the most of your garage floor space by utilizing proper storage solutions. There are a number of systems to help keep your organized such as:

-        Garage Cabinetry

-        Garage Wall hanger systems

-        Overhead racks

Garage cabinets come in many shapes and sizes. Some things to look for when purchasing cabinets are solid, steel design, and secure, latching doors. Cabinets should also make the most of the space by going from floor to ceiling, and having some workshop bench space.

Garage wall hanger systems give you a place to organize and secure any number of objects from tools, to gardening supplies, and everything in between. Wall hanger systems can vary from traditional cheap pegboard, to more durable and long-lasting melamine.

Make the most of your floor space by also using overhead racking. This heavy-duty racking is perfect for storing larger items such as totes, camping gear, seasonal objects and other large bulky items. Overhead racking is ideal for items that are not often used, and can be safely and securely stored overhead.

Utilizing these garage organization systems will help you to make the most of your valuable floor space, and even perhaps give you room to actually park your car inside.