How Big Does a Car Lift Need to Be

by admin July 17th, 2021 in Car Hoists
How Big Does a Car Lift Need to Be

Installations of car lifts in residential garages are on the rise. A car hoist provides great functionality and is often cheaper than you might expect. But one of the biggest challenges with installing car lifts is understanding how big a car lift needs to be and meeting the specified size requirements.

A car lift should not take up excess space, but it needs to be strong enough to support a car. Following this guide will teach you how big a car lift needs to be.

Ideal Car Lift Size

The size of a car lift be will largely depend on the size of the garage (or other location) and vehicle. Always be sure to do some accurate measuring of your space before shopping for a car lift to make sure it will fit your needs. Height can be a major consideration depending on the type of lift you want.

Another factor to consider is how many cars it will lift. If you have only one or two vehicles, then a small or portable car lift will likely suffice. If, however, you are planning on hauling multiple cars and SUVs at once, it is worth investing in a bigger car hoist.

Finally, you need to consider the weight capacity. If you have a heavier truck, you may need to consider a larger car lift. If your vehicle is light, you can opt for a portable car lift.

Some General Tips We Suggest are:

  • Consider how the car lift will impact floor space when not in use.
  • Make sure there is enough space to work. Plan for a few feet of space between your car and any surrounding objects.
  • Choose the right type of lift. Certain types of car hoists work better for certain-sized spaces.
  • Get a professional opinion. Okanagan Garages can provide a professional solution.

Consider the Type, not Just the Size

Choosing the right-sized car hoist has a lot to do with the type of lift. There are two common types of automotive lifts that provide unique benefits.

Automotive Lifts

Automotive Lifts are simple hoists that raise vehicles to a certain height and then lower them down. They are ideal for car repairs, or if you simply need more room under the vehicle.

The two biggest size concerns are carrying capacity, and the amount of room it provides you with underneath the car once hoisted.

Showroom Lifts

Showroom Lifts are more for demonstration purposes rather than for automotive work or long-term storage. They usually have a small lift range, but they can often rotate or tilt and make the vehicle easy to view. They are commonly used at dealerships.

Almost all showroom lifts are professionally installed, as they can be dangerous if not set up correctly. The sizing requirements will depend on the space available, the viewing angle, and the lift mechanism used.

Find the Right Car Hoist for Your Space

As we said in the beginning, getting the correct sized car lift is not a simple solution. You need to accurately measure your space, consider the style of the lift, and account for the size of the car. If you do not have the time or knowledge to figure this out, Okanagan Garages can help.

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