How Can I Bring my Old Concrete Garage Floor Back to Life?

by admin January 30th, 2019 in Flooring
How Can I Bring my Old Concrete Garage Floor Back to Life?

A tired, drab and worn out concrete garage floor does not necessarily warrant a full replacement. If you are tired of looking at a floor that appears to have had its best days behind it, it may be time to consider a concrete floor rejuvenation. When considering a project such as this, there are a few steps to follow.

Crack Restoration

First, you may find that the old concrete has cracks or other damage. Before applying a concrete overlay or concrete floor coating, it is important that these cracks be sealed and properly fixed, to avoid further damage and nasty blemishes.

Cracks can be repaired through the use of various epoxy or polyurethane products. These products cure in the crack and harden, preventing further cracking at this site, as well as keeping water out. Make sure to choose a product that can be sanded, as you want to make sure the repair is even with the other concrete for when you apply your overlay.

Concrete Overlay

A concrete overlay or concrete floor coating is a product that covers up the surface of the old concrete, essentially covering up old blemishes and imperfections. Overlays can come in many decorative options, allowing you to choose the perfect colour and finish for your garage floor space. The overlay can be installed fairly quickly, and with self-leveling options, can be a fairly simple process.

If you are tired of a worn out, old concrete garage floor, it may be worth considering bringing it back to life by using a concrete overlay. Although a relatively simple project, for best results talk to the experts at Park Place Garage.