How Do I Know What Type of Flooring Would Be Best for My Garage?

by admin September 28th, 2020 in Flooring
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The answer to this question in the title largely depends on how you’ll use your garage and what your priorities are. For most people, the three essential qualities in this area are durability, maintenance, and aesthetic value.


You’ll want to pick a material that is strong enough for your purposes, or else it will soon start to wear—which will take its toll on the aesthetic factor and quickly beg for replacement. Are you planning on using your garage for light-duty work, or will it require a more heavy-duty material?

Either way, it's better to err on the side of more-durable and avoid wasting time or money on flooring that won’t live up to your needs. Tile, especially porcelain, is the most wear-resistant material available, followed by coating, overlay, seal, and stain. Paint is the least durable option.


Spills and leaks are inevitable in any garage, so another critical quality is ease-of-cleaning. Can spills be easily wiped away, or will they leave a stain? Is the flooring susceptible to corrosion from spilled oils/chemicals? Again, you’ll want a type of flooring that stands up to the use it expects to see. Will the flooring itself require any maintenance? Paint, seal, and stain eventually require reapplication, while tiles, coatings, and overlays are easy to clean and maintenance-free.

Aesthetic Value

Your choice of flooring is a significant opportunity to instill some style into your garage. Most products come in a wide variety of colours. Some options allow the possibility of unique designs and alternating colours. Of course, the beauty of the space is highly dependent on durability and maintenance factors; it won’t matter how nice the colour/design was if it gets subjected to more wear than it can take.

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