How Much Room Is Needed for an Automotive Turntable?

November 22nd, 2022 in Flooring
How Much Room Is Needed for an Automotive Turntable?

Automotive turntables come in different sizes, so there is no one right answer to the question in the title of today’s blog article. The wheels of the vehicle sit on the turntable, but the vehicle itself does not have to be 100 percent over the turntable from end to end. 

So, the size required for an automotive turntable is the size of the vehicle from end to end plus about a foot on all sides. The turntable can be slightly smaller since it supports the wheels. You would measure from end-to-end whatever vehicle is going to sit on the turntable, add two feet, and that is the total circle diameter needed for the installation of an automotive turntable. If you divide that total number by two, that is the radius needed in every direction from a center point. 

Why have an automotive turntable? 

Automotive turntables are useful for being able to turn a vehicle easily in a tight space and avoiding complicated maneuvers. Turntables are an easy way to turn a vehicle around. That is why they are commonly seen in automotive showrooms to showcase a vehicle and get it easily in and out of a building. 

If you have a car that you love and a tight space, then consider an automotive turntable, and we can bring your dream to life in a spectacular garage. Turntables typically have variable speeds and do not always require excavation. Installing them, however, is not a DIY job. If having an automotive turntable interests you, give us a call in the Okanagan at (250) 681-4349 where we install dream garage interiors. 


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