Is Polyaspartic Flooring High in VOC's?

by admin January 30th, 2020 in Flooring
Is Polyaspartic Flooring High in VOC emissions?

The concrete floor in your garage can be slippery and not terribly attractive without the perfect seal and appropriate flooring. Polyaspartic flooring is a great choice for this application. And one of the biggest advantages of polyspartic flooring is that it is low in VOC's or volatile organic compounds.

In fact, polyaspartic flooring is so low in VOC's, that it can be used toward LEED compliance in ultra-green applications.

What is LEED?

LEED is important to know. The term in an acronym for leadership in energy and environmental design. The LED program is a the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council and offers certification for projects that are completed with specific eco-friendly designs and materials.

Why is polyaspartic flooring low in VOC's?

Polyaspartic flooring was specifically designed with with a polyaspartic ester as the primary ingredient to react with an aliphatic hardener in a co-reaction. This chemical reaction has also zero VOC's.

Whether you have a classy garage or a high traffic commercial space, outdoors or indoors, a polyaspartic flooring will give you an incredibly durable and reliable protective coating.

What else makes polyaspartic flooring unique?

This kind of floor can be installed in a complete thickness in one coat. Polyaspartic flooring is extremely low in VOC's and is popularly known to give better abrasion and impact resistance compared to epoxy floors.

Its chemical and physical resistance, flexibility, and strength make it an excellent solution for the following:

-Garage floors: gives outstanding resistance to grease, oil, and gas.

-Industrial applications: manholes, water treatment plants, pipe and pipeline coatings, sewer, and tank linings.

-The molded parts industry and automative refinish: due to its high performance, even at ambient temperatures.

-Powerful corrosion protection: Corrosion depreciates your equipment!

We use polyaspartic flooring in garages, but polyaspartic coatings have many other uses. They gives exceptional protection against corrosion for agricultural devices and construction, commercial vehicles, wind power stations, and other gadgets that have to withstand changing weather conditions.

Polyaspartic flooring is ultimately flexible and has been discovered to withstand expansion movement in a concrete slab with no delamination.

Polyaspartic flooring is a perfect fit for commercial and residential applications which include the following:

-Garage floors



-Retail facilities

-New car showrooms


-Office spaces

Polyaspartic flooring gives you the option to beautify your floor with different color combinations. With the addition of decorative vinyl flake chips, metallic pigments, dyes, or acid stains, the floor looks awesome and can be color-matched with the surrounding décor.

If you want to redo your garage, get in touch with us, and talk to us about polyaspartic flooring. The low-VOC content means that the floor doesn't smell bad when it is being installed, and the flooring isn't silently polluting the atmosphere of your house or garage over time. Low-VOC products are safer.

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