Is Polyaspartic Flooring Resistant to Gasoline and Oil?

by admin March 30th, 2022 in Flooring
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For those considering applying a polyaspartic flooring in a garage, you may be wondering if the flooring is resistant to gasoline, oil, and grease. The answer is yes it is. Polyaspartic flooring is very durable and chemical resistant.

As with any flooring, if you do spill something, try to neutralize it and apply something absorbent like a commercial absorbent material or kitty litter or even corn starch or flour. These are materials that will absorb the liquid and can be swept away before the gasoline evaporates and creates a stench.

In addition to chemical resistance, polyaspartic flooring does not off-gas VOCs, it dries very quickly when applied, and is not slippery when wet. The biggest advantage of a polyaspartic floor covering is that instead of the porous concrete flooring which is going to absorb anything liquid, the polyaspartic flooring creates a seal and a solid surface. This makes it much easier to keep your garage clean.

Polyaspartic flooring are also UV resistant, so they do not break down or yellow in sunlight. The coating is scratch and corrosion resistant as well. This type of flooring is really the best coating available for a garage floor, and it also has applications inside buildings as well.

It’s possible to add pigments or metallic pieces to the flooring when it is applied to achieve any color or style or finish that you desire. For those looking for a classy and durable finish, polyaspartic flooring is a relatively new technology that is a great answer for the garage that gets hard use.

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