Keeping Garden Tools Away From Your Vehicle in the Garage

July 30th, 2022 in Organization and Re-design
Keeping Garden Tools Away From Your Vehicle in the Garage

Many individuals keep a variety of garden tools in the garage. However, these can be bulky, sharp, and dirty. You don’t want garden tools to damage your vehicles. In today’s blog, we will talk about how to organize your garden tools. What is important is making the most of the square footage you have, using every inch of wall and ceiling space. 


Put some heavy-duty shelves in the garage. You can even have shelving units on wheels so they are not permanent fixtures in the garage. Make sure the shelves can withstand heavy loads. 


Rubbermaid bins can hold tools as well as dirt, peat, vermiculite, and perlite if you mix your own recipe. Bins are stackable, but clean (new) garbage cans will work, too. 


Hooks or pegboard can be attached to the wall to hang tools. If you rinse and dry your tools before storing them, your garage will stay cleaner, and the tools will be more resistant to rust. 


A mezzanine is also possible, even it is a partial one. You can store items up to the ceiling. 


Make use of your ceiling. Many items can be stored hanging from the ceiling, such as bicycles or kayaks or just large garden tools. 


Good-quality, heavy-duty cabinets will change your life. They look great, and you can store an enormous number of tools and equipment out of sight. 

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