Steps to Redesigning Your Garage From the Floor Up

by admin July 27th, 2020 in Organization and Re-design
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Redesigning a garage is not an easy process but it is a top priority for many when renovating residential homes. Instead of having a cluttered mess, you can have an eye-catching masterpiece where all of your garage toys live, neatly and organized.

We recommend that you consult a professional to have a professional finish, but here are some steps to take to get ready for your makeover in the garage.

1. Take stock of your possessions

Figure out what you want to keep and if there's anything that you can get rid of. Now is the time to purge if you're able. By taking stock of your possessions you can figure out what type of storage components you need.

2. Storage

Number one, above, will help you get ready for number two. What kind of storage do you need and how much do you need? Do you have sports equipment? Tools? Random items? You may want vertical storage or horizontal storage, or closed cabinets or open shelving.

3. Garage use

How do you use your garage? Do you need a workspace, for example, for woodworking or metalworking? Do you want a desk and a chair? Do you need electrical outlets for a computer or stereo?

4. Flooring

Then you can start thinking about flooring. There are many options for flooring, but how you use your garage may also influence your flooring choices. If you're going to work in there, you may want a softer floor to stand on or some anti-fatigue mats that you can move around.

5. Space available

You also have to consider how much space is available to work with. How many vehicles will be stored in the garage? What's the square footage?

Anything is possible in the garage, and we turns dreams into reality for individuals throughout the okanagan. Contact us, if you need some help renovating your garage and making it a place you want to spend time in instead of a place that you avoid.

Park Place Garage has a super-experienced team that supplies and installs garage interiors throughout the Okanagan from Kamloops to Osoyoos. From powder-coated steel cabinets to custom floors, we’ll make your garage just the way you like it, handsome and practical.

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