What are the Advantages of Modular Garage Flooring?

by admin February 27th, 2019 in Flooring
What are the Advantages of Modular Garage Flooring?

Are you finding your old concrete garage floor is starting to look past its prime? While there are many options on how to give that space a facelift, modular garage flooring should be heavily considered. Modular garage flooring, or snap tiles, are a popular flooring option for many garages. 


Snap tiles are available in both hard plastic or rubber-like materials. Both options are very durable, standing up very well to wear and the abuse that a garage floor could take. They are also stain resistant, standing up well to acid, oil, grease or other chemicals that might be spilled onto them. Snap tile garage flooring can also be cleaned easily, either with water, or simply a rag and some cleaner.

Ease of Install

The snap tile garage flooring pieces are free-floating, meaning they just sit on top of the preexisting floor. This means that little to no preparation is needed before installing your new floor. The pieces simply snap together as they are laid out, making for a quick and easy installation process.

Customization Options

The modular garage flooring come in many textures, colours and designs. This flexibility allows you to create and customize the space to meet your own unique design choices. This allows for the custom looking garage of your dreams.

The advantages of durability, ease of install and customization options make snap tiles garage flooring a great option for updating that old, drab slab.