Active Family Garage


Garage Storage Ideas For Families

Bicycles, hockey equipment, baseball gear, sports balls, gardening supplies, camping gear, golf bags, skis, jackets, and tools are some of the items that active families have to deal with when organizing and transforming their garage.

Our overhead ceiling racks are a great start, a way to free up precious floor space by storing large, bulky, and seasonal items overhead. Coolers, plastic tubs, boxes of old toys, Christmas lights, trees, and decorations are some items that are perfect storage items for our racking systems. Our racks start at 3'x6' and come as large as 4'x8', holding up to 600lbs!

Our slat-wall systems are commonly used to store bicycles, gardening tools, brooms, leaf blowers, kids toys, scooter, shoes, chairs, equipment and more.

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Our cabinet systems come in depths of 12-24" and widths from 18-48", with heights up to 91". Most of our cabinets are mounted 6" off the floor. Our cabinets can be outfitted to hold jackets, shoes, recycle bins, small-parts bins, and seamlessly integrate workbenches to store all of your tools and supplies.

Our ultra-durable polyaspartic floor coating will protect your concrete while offering a non-slip surface that is difficult to stain and easy to clean and maintain. Oil and gas wipe off with a dry rag, and dirt and debris wipe away with just water!

With Park Place Garage Co. you can organize, finish, and convert your existing garage space, adding considerable short-term and long-term value and appeal to your home, while providing your family with another comfortable, attractive, quality-built easy to maintain, functional all-purpose room to enjoy and put to productive efficient use year round.

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