Why Choose Park Place Garage?

1. Experience

Park Place Garage has 40 years of experience in the building trades and almost 15 years of experience working just on garages. We know how to do a beautiful job, quickly and efficiently.

2. Location

Park Place Garage works throughout the Okanagan. Although we’re based in Kelowna, we work on garages from Kamloops down to Osoyoos. So, don’t hesitate to contact us no matter where you are in the Okanagan. 

3. Quality Materials

Park Place Garage uses the best products to deliver a superior result. Our cabinets are powder-coated steel, and there are several types of flooring to choose from. We have available special wall systems for organizing your tools and gear and can even set you up with a hoist for your garage. Your garage will be unrecognizable when we’re finished with it. Why not surprise your partner with a showcase garage?

4. Quality Workmanship

Park Place Garage has a team that works well together, and we work fast. Some types of flooring may take a few days, but for example, we can cover 800 square feet of the Iron Man Polyaspartic flooring in one day. We’re not going to be doing a lot of messy and dusty grinding, and we have special industrial vacuums with HEPA filters to clean up after ourselves.

When we’re done, everything will be neat as a pin and free of dust. Obviously, how long it takes to complete your project will depend on what materials you choose, but we’ll get it done faster than you think.

5. Personalized Design

You don’t want your garage to look like your neighbor’s, and neither do we. Park Place Garage will work with you to create something that suits your square footage, your style, and your needs for organizing tools and gear. Work with us to have a personalized experience with a garage that perfectly suits your particular needs.

6. Guarantee

Park Place Garage stands behind its products, and that’s not difficult when you only use the best materials and install them correctly. Our flooring choices come with a 15-year guarantee against peeling or lifting. Your biggest problem will be choosing what you want from our big selection of materials and colors.

Take a minute and read some of the testimonials from our customers.

Talk to us today for a free consultation and make all your garage dreams come true. You can use our convenient online form or call us at (250) 681-4349.